Friday, November 20, 2009

What is this bump?

I have this large bump on my pelvic area. Its not quit on my vagina, but more inbetween my vagina and pelvic bone. Its not an ingrown hair because its way to large. ITS ABOUT THE SIZE OF A HALF DOLLAR. It looks like notnhing i can pop like a pimple or an ingrown hair or a boil beacause its way to big. Its not red or anything. It feels like a stress ball under my skin. It usually shows when its cold. I also notice it when I wash the area while im taking a shower. I have seen a doctor about it. All he said was to come see him when it shows up. Ive been back when it did show up, but when i showed him the area where it was at, It was gone. He cant know what it it unless he sees it. Ive had it for a few years now. What is this mysterious bump?

What is this bump?
It sounds like a swollen lymph gland.
Reply:go to the docter
Reply:un pedo
Reply:baby bump!
Reply:if you had it for a few years and had no problems it is probably nothing
Reply:its probably cancer- or it could be just a fat lump underneath.

When it does show up - take a video if it or a picture to show the doc later.
Reply:Ack, disappearing alien fetus!

Nah, really I have no idea. That is one of the weirdest maladies I've heard of.
Reply:It's possible it could be a cyst. The doctor may be able to feel the area where it is although the bump may not be visible at the time of visit.

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