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Skin care products for acne?

In Middle school i had really bad acne but by high school i got it under control, im now a freshman in college and im starting to break out in my T-zone. I get red dots that never come to a head or bumps under my skin that really hurt. I wash my face with Neutrogina oil free face wash twice a day and i put on a medicated cream at night. Nothing seems to make them go away. Can anyone help me?

Skin care products for acne?
go to your doctor and explain this problem and ask for some cream and if hes already given you some, get a new one and dont stop trying untill you find something that works!

no one should have to deal with acne, iv had it in the past and no matter what skin care products say they will do at the end of the day its because they want you to buy their products and the stuff prescribed by doctors is from doctors for a reason- its way stronger (and better!)

dont stop a daily facial routine though, maybe stop using neutrogena and try a different brand, get a face wash, exfoliator for a weekly scrub and a good moisturiser and use once a day and combined with the doctors acne cream your skin should be miles better

i would recommend st.ives apricot scrub and palmers cocoa butter, this is what i use, theyre both really cheap and do the job just as well as the more expensive ones
Reply:there's lots of stuff like proactive (which sucks) and stuff at the drugstore you can buy over the counter. if none of that works, talk to a dermatologist. they can give out perscriptions if you're willing to pay. acutane really works well, but it's expensive, and it also makes your skin SUPER dry (which is the point) but there is other stuff you can take too.
Reply:You can try clay %26amp; tea tree oil soap or a dandruff shampoo

if you want read something about skin product

i just come accross this blog which may help you

Reply:Use pure tea tree oil.Which can be found in bottles at a pharmacy or drug store.Using tea tree oil is one of the best ways to stop your acne problem!
Reply:Based on my own experience in uni, I would probably suggest looking at your diet and lifestyle... As much fun as it is to go out drinking most nights and eating convenience food, it generally clogs pores.... I had it when i first started uni and again now that ive moved to london and, for me, it's because im burning the candle at both ends!

I would probably suggest:

-doing a d.i.y facial every week

-using a deep heating face mask every week

-doing some exercise- get your blood pumping! (When i was at my most fittest, my skin was literally glowing- best thing ever for skin!)

-using oil free foundation (personally, if it's not full blown acne, i'd recommend using a tinted moisturiser instead- I use Clinique almost Makeup).

If it is down to your current lifestyle (as mine was) then it's basically a case of suck it up and live with it and carry on burning the candle (that's what i did!!) or make some changes....

Good luck tho and if it does get really bad, speak to your GP who can give you some prescription cream...
Reply:I use Serious Skin Care for acne. It is wonderful. It started clearing my acne almost immediately, and it keeps may acne-prone complexion clear.

I have had acne since my early teens, I consider it the very best thing on the market.
Reply:Hey baby, this is the age when usually people get these skin disorders like acne, pimples etc. First point to note is are your eating habits the cause, next is how much care do you take for your skin.

I would recommend for you acne treatment from zenmed which is all natural and doctor formulated.

To know more about acne, its causes and its remedies visit this blog where you would find information on acne and treatment products
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Hope this helps
Reply:Not sure how much you want to spend but you can receive 35% off all products when you join as a wholesaler buyer or buy retail price with Arbonne. There products do work and I know everyone is different but doesn't hurt compare to what you are currently using.

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