Friday, November 20, 2009

Bumps on leg.?

Okay, for the last month or so I have had some bumps all over both sides right and left thigh..... close to the groin area....theres a good 25-30 on my left and around 7-8 on my right....most of them are small like the size of a pimple or smaller....tried poppin them n they just bleed...some are close together but most of them are spread out a lil.....any ideas what it could be? Iam a 20 yearold male. they don itch or burn or hurt....they just look ugly.what else could i say....they like skin color/pink

Bumps on leg.?
Have you been sleeping around ? Some people carry an STD called chlymydia. You should see a physician at your earliest convenience if so. They will need to prescribe some antibiotics. That's only my opinion.
Reply:okay im obviously a girl, so im not sure if its something male related...but it could be milescum (spelling?) i had some on my neck in fifth grade. They can be described like the bumps on your thighs. I went to see my doctor and she tried to pop them. They just bled. They DO go away on their own, because mine went away within 1 year...but they do have cream for it...go to the doctor.

good luck...%26lt;3
Reply:stop wearing brief for a while, and try boxers, your groin area is probably suffering form a lack of proper air circulation


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