Monday, November 16, 2009

My cat has bumps from flea bites help?

I have a 7month old cat and a few weeks ago her and my dog both had fleas.i gave them flea bathes but now on my cat she has hard bumps on her skin from the bites.what can i use to get rid of them

My cat has bumps from flea bites help?
Flea treatments from the pet shop often don't work, see the vet and get Frontline, this will rid them both of fleas.
Reply:take her to the vet and get an injection for her, mine had to have it
Reply:a flea collar
Reply:Give your cat a flea bath after the cat is thoroughly dry, then apply the frontline, the bumps should go away on their own, but if it doesn't you probably would have to take her in to the vet, mostly like give you a steroid injection to help with the swelling and itching.
Reply:Do you have your cat on a monthly flea program like Frontline? Very helpful. Your cat may have a slight infection and need an antibiotic shot to help with the healing. I would take it to the vet and get it checked out and ask about Frontline. Good luck!
Reply:Fronline is the way to go - also wash all the cats and dogs bedding (even your beding) so that it is completely free of flees. However bumps on the cats skin might mean that they have an allergy to fleas so you will have to really keep on top of the flee situation and regularly fronline both pets and hover. I also get this stuff called Alklaim (sold at most pet shops) and spray it on furniture and flooring as it kills and prevents flees. Good Luck!
Reply:Hi,I would take your cat to a vet to get the bumps treated because they might be infected and then speak to the vet about flea treatment, the vet will probably recommend Frontline because it's one of the best.I have used this on my kitten for 5 months now and since then he has not had a single flea on him.I decided to try it after reading so many great reviews about it on her,it's brilliant stuff.good luck.
Reply:Flea baths don't work. Nothing from a pet store does. Pop in to a vets to get a proper treatment, like Frontline - one that actually WORKS. Pet stores aren't licensed to sell the proper chemicals for flea treatment - anything you find in store is just going to be a basic pesticide that you can't expect to work.



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