Monday, November 16, 2009

What are speed bumps.(meth)?

Tweakers get bumps under thier skin. Usually they are much larger than pimples and I have heard they cant be popped like a pimple. What are they

What are speed bumps.(meth)?
you know that is funny you should ask that, I used to be addicted to speed and I would get those bumps and pick at them all night till they were bleeding...I never did find out what they were.....


WOW hotsing1 i never knew that..thank god I never got them on my face I got them on my legs...
Reply:didn't you just answer you're own question
Reply:those chemicals used to make meth are soo toxic that they come thru the skin and cause horrible damage to the face if popped. also, there is such thing as meth mouth, when a persons teeth get soo rotted from meth all they have left if nasty teeth.

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