Monday, November 16, 2009

Flawless skin help?

For years iv had problems with small tiny bumps under my skin its acne but very very tiny i have break outs but its so hard for me to clear this up IV ALREADY BEEN TO THE DERM. hundereds of times! nothing has worked iv been keeping up a lot with my face and it looks a lot better then it used to but i still cant get rid of the discoloration and redness tone out of my skin what can i do to help that?

Flawless skin help?
Hey there.

For discouloration, I would suggest using this 'laser in a bottle'. It takes away acne scars, discolouration, stretch marks, and more.

For the redness, I would suggest using a product with green in it to put a rest to the red tone.

That's for redness relief.

I don't use Murad, I use the D brand, but this could also help from what I've heard.

Good luck!

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