Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm 11 Weeks pregnant and my skin has broken out like a teenager! HELP...?

I was pregnant 2 years ago with my son and I had glowing, radiant skin. Now I am alomost 12 weeks along with my second and my skin is just horrible. Little tiny bumps under the skin, big blemishes, uneven and blochy skin. I know it hormonal and will hopefully subside very soon. My friend tell me I'm havign a girl b/c this pregnancy is so different. Did anyone have the same experience and if so, can you do anything safe to help it? Please don't get me worng, I am very happy and lucky and blessed to have another baby but if there is somethign I can do to feel better abot myself, I woudl likr to try. Thanks for any advice.

I'm 11 Weeks pregnant and my skin has broken out like a teenager! HELP...?
Well, I am now 24wks pregnant with my first, and experienced the same thing. Before pregnancy I have never really had acne at all. An overload in hormones is your answer, you are right. I found out that, for me, Oil of Olay has a moisturizing facial cleanser with microbeads in it that has been helping me. I have definitely noticed clearer skin. It is oil free and does not have that stuff that burns the face like most face cleansers...I'm allergic to that stuff, it turns me bright red. I hope this helps. :) Good luck with the new addition.
Reply:WELCOME TO BEING PREGNANT!!! But just know you are very beautiful because you have been chosen by God to bring a new life into the world feel blessed and very much so thankfull for being able to have a child Believe me all the broken out skin and such will soon pay off!!!Hope you have a WONDERFUL PREGNANCY!!!
Reply:What you have is called 'pregnancy acne' ... and like you I 'glowed' with my first, and I had the 'worst acne of my life' when I was pregnant with my second ... but whether or not this has anything to do with the gender of the child you're having I don't know ... but you should be EXTREMELY CAREFUL of what you do for your face, because even 'topical' stuff can have an affect on the fetus inside. I'd simply go into the bathroom and run the water 'as hot as you can stand it' and soak a 'wash cloth' in it, then wring it out 'fairly well' and 'scrub hard' ... but use NO SOAP, and NO ALCOHOL ... just PLAIN HOT WATER. After you've scrubbed in the hot water, use your wash cloth and scrub again, in 'as cold as you can get it' tap water to 'close your pores.' Do this two or three times a day, and your skin should 'clear up' ...
Reply:Well try proactive. watch the foods you eat and drink lots of water. Try not to pick if you can help it.

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