Friday, November 20, 2009

Circumcision and Tiny bumps?

Okay Im a guy, 14 years old, and i have been circumcised ( at birth ) I was just wonderin, My skins not "Tight" its loose rather but its not like it goes over the head or anything. you can always see the head. but theres loose skin like you can see how my left testie hangs lower. Is this normal?

Also on the shaft theres little bumps. they look like hairs coming in or something, is this normal aswell?

i hope it is because I wanna get a girl :(

Circumcision and Tiny bumps?
Dr. Oz on Oprah said that it's very normal for one testicle to hangin lower than the other, but as for the little bumps. I'm not quite sure.
Reply:I don't think whoever did your circumcision did it correctly for there should not be THAT much loose skin.

And that's exactly what those "bumps" are - hair follicles.
Reply:Everything sounds normal. The "bumps" are just your pubic hair coming in. That's normal.

And the skin near the head, sounds like you had a loose circumcision rather than a tight one, so you have more skin there.
Reply:You are OK. Also, testicles by nature hang differently in height.

The little bumps are glands around hair roots. No problem.

Dr. Nicolas
Reply:Yes, it's normal for one testicle to hang lower than the other. Are these tiny bumps also found on your scrotum? I'm not sure if they're hair follicles, since the ones at the bottom of my own shaft don't have hairs, but they're normal too.

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