Monday, November 16, 2009

What exactly will a skin docter do?

I have never been to one but recently my skin is developing a bunch of itchy bumps and watery bumps under the skin

What exactly will a skin docter do?
sounds like you have impetigo =go and get meds. and cream to heal this=it is known to spread
Reply:You mean an allergist. He'll start with an examination just like the real doctor. Then if warranted, he'll give you a scratch test. They use up to hundreds of scratches to see what your allergic to, if he thinks this is what your problem is.
Reply:He'll look at your skin and say something like "yep, looks like hydrous eczema to me!" and perscribe some topical cream.
Reply:it doesn't sound like an allergy, but it depends on how they look. initially the doctor will examine it then decide eihter to try medication directly (most likely) or will decide to get a culture. worst case is that he may need a skin biopsy which is very simple and you will only feel the brick of the local anethesia needle (but that is a very rare situation if you have described your rash correctly.).

unless the rash seems to be seconadry to systemic disease then he will refer you to another doc

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