Friday, November 20, 2009

Spots beneath the surface of the skin?

hi there, i used to have kinda bad acne, but i started using products and they have gone from the now when i caress my skin with my finger, it seems very smooth and there are no bumps (the spots)...but VISIBLY, there are still guessing that this means they are beneath the do i get rid of them?..ive heard of spot i hav that? thanks

Spots beneath the surface of the skin?
karposi's sarcoma maybe
Reply:Sounds like scars to me. You should go to a dermatologist and ask them. They can do the best they can for you. Good news is scars that aren't deep do fade with time. You can also try some vitamin E oil. I've heard it helps a lot. Maybe something for stretch marks or something like that. Asking a doctor is best. Good luck.
Reply:seems like you ave spot scars.. try using Olay total effects, it usually lightens up these stuff.. or better yet, see a dermatologist

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