Monday, November 16, 2009

Proactive made my skin reeeeallly DRY :[?

I used proactive 2 days ago, and the next day, my skin had many itchy, burning bumps, and my skin is reeeally rough and disgusting now. So I've been trying to moisture it by not using any face prodects, but washing my face often with water.

Has anyone else been through this? How long does this usually last? I'm 16, and I can't imagine going to school with this disgusting, red, bumpy, dry face tomorrow :[

Proactive made my skin reeeeallly DRY :[?
Yes I went through the same thing...

You might be allergic to it...Unless you have really bad acne I would not recommend using proactiv...because it is made to dry out the acne that is on your face. So if you don't have acne it will just completely and totally dry you out. I know that the commercials look great...and I am sure that it works for some people...but it doesn't sound like your skin likes it so well
Reply:Proactive didnt do crap for was a waste of money and it was hell getting them to cancel my prescription. try just washing once a day with soap. and use a moisturizer. i wouldnt recommend proactive to anyone.
Reply:Proactive has some really harsh chemicals in it and totally dried my face out - not to mention it bleached all my washcloths.

I am a HUGE believer in the Arbonne International Clear Advantage line - wash, toner, and lotion. It also has a skin support vitamin that pushes the toxins out of your skin and helps it heal from the inside out. Arbonne's products are made out of botanicals and they also use salicylic acid. They also offer a 45 day money back guarantee.

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