Monday, November 16, 2009

Weird "bump" under the skin near tailbone - What is it?

When I am sitting it moves around if I move around. When I squeeze my buttocks it sometimes moves around. It is not visible from the outside and I can not "feel it" with my hand or finger.

There is no outward injury or anything that I can see. Only what I can feel under the skin. It feels like it is right underneath or right in front of the tailbone.

Any help?

Weird "bump" under the skin near tailbone - What is it?
Wow.. I have the same thing! It's been there for a number of years now, and it's gotten a bit larger.. It doesn't hurt or anything, but I can feel it when I press on it..Since I started developing alot of other Lipomas under my skin in other places on my body, I feel sure this is another.. I hate the other term for lipomas (fat lumps) but this is what they are..Caused by the build up of fatty lipids under the skin.. I am not obese or way over weight, but some people are prone to them.. I asked my doc about this one on my spine, but she didn't seem very interested.. Said to keep a check and if it get's alot bigger, let her know.. So, it sounds like what I have.. If I've had it for years, I doubt it's fatal.. right? So, mention it to your doctor too. Just to be safe... :-)
Reply:Some people develop "skin tags" it could be one that grew recently. If it is internal, I would go see a doctor....
Reply:It could be a cyst...they happen there sometimes. Cysts can be completely harmless, but better to get it checked out.
Reply:Without actually seeing this, it is hard to tell. My first husband had a bump about the size of a grape in that same area. It became painful, and turned out to be a cyst of ingrown hairs.

He had to have it surgically removed.
Reply:have you always hadit? It could be spina bifida occulta.
Reply:Is it new, or have you had it a while? You said it moves by itself, or you mean it it feels like it's not attached to bone or muscle. It might be a pilonidal cyst, and they are harmless until they infect. It's like a really big painful pimple, but I think you should show the doctor. Don't be embarrassed, they look at that stuff all the time. Make sure it's not a tumor for peace of mind.

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