Friday, November 20, 2009

What is a good way to get rid of "courage" bumps?

I get "courage" bumps(bumps under my skin on my face) right about a week before I get my monthly time. After I finish my week, some are still there after 2 weeks. How can I get rid of them faster? Sometimes I get 2-3 around the same spot. I don't drink or eat any caffine. I want them gone already. *sigh*


What is a good way to get rid of "courage" bumps?
never heard of a courage bump, they are zits, pimples etc. keep your face well scrubbed, caffien has nothing to do with it, its your hormones. such is life.
Reply:courage bumps!!!????...what the hell r those???..
Reply:honestly if that is a cute way of saying zits, then use oatmeal soap. if not then please ellaborate "courage bumps"

Is it like calling your crotch a fifi, or a yaya?

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