Friday, November 20, 2009

I need help girls?

can u get pimples down in your private area? I think that is what i have it looks just like a pimple you would get on your face...its not really inside its kinda on the outer had a white head yesterday and it burned a little towards the end of the day..i didnt feel it till i was taking a shower..i have never had one before and it really scares me.. today there is no white head and is just a small bump on my skin so could it be going away?

I need help girls?
Most likely it's a harmless pimple, yes you can get them on the outer regions of your vagina. If you notice that they're on the inside of the vagina, then you should really go to a doctor because it can be herpes or an STD.

If it really bothers you, ask your doc what to do about it, but more likely, it's nothing to worry about.
Reply:i don't think anythings wrong but if more stuff starts happening tell someone
Reply:Sounds like you have herpes. I would go to the doctor ASAP.
Reply:Any place that has hair, produces body oils or has a sweat gland can also get an infected pore. This is normal. Just cleanse the area thoroughly, keep it dry, and it should be fine. If it doesn't resolve in the next few days contact your doctor.
Reply:I'd say it's an ingrown hair. Use a loofa mitt ( you can find them anywhere.... Bath and Body works) and soap, but DON'T scrub to hard.

If more appear and aren't going away I'd make an appointment to see the doctor just to be sure it's not an STD.
Reply:You actually can get pimples in your vaginal area and surrounding area. Keep an eye on it for a few days.

Are you sexually active? If so, are you having unprotected sex? If you are, then you might want to have an sti test done at your doc's or local clinic.

Since you haven't mentioned anything sexual or sexually-related, I doubt that it is an sti. Pimples can happen--and do happen, usually they are a result of rubbing or an ingrown hair.

Hope that helped!
Reply:Yes, you can have pimples in your groin area. And Yes it could be an STD if your partner is out doing things he should not. If it does not clear up go to the doctor. Sounds like it is just a simple white head.
Reply:I know you said you have been with the same guy but are you having safe sex? I think you should see a doctor right away because it seems to me like you might have an STD so good luck and use a condom and have a talk with your man about whets going on.

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