Friday, November 20, 2009

My 16 month old son has lots of tiny crusty feeling bumps all over his torso.?

He has had these bumps for several months and I believed it to be a heat rash or a common rash that babies get but recently I have noticed that there are more bumps. (Maybe because the hotter temperatures.) He hasn't expressed any discomfort from the rash that I have noticed. He's not itching it or anything. The rash is only on his back, chest and stomach. You can't see the rash unless you really look closely. You can definitely feel them. The tiny bumps feel dry and crusty. There are so many of them and his skin is not baby soft anymore. His next doctor's appointment isn't until September. I am hoping someone might be familiar with this and possibly offer suggestions to clear it up. If you think a doctor's visit is necessary I would like to know that also. Thanks so much for your help.

My 16 month old son has lots of tiny crusty feeling bumps all over his torso.?
im no doctor but it sounds like some kind of zoster you should really take your kid to the doc
Reply:go to a doctor, and take him to one too.
Reply:He's had these for months and you haven't gone to a doctor yet?

Honey, you need to pay more attention...
Reply:This sounds a lot like eczema, although itching is actually a key sign in diagnosing it. But from what you're describing it visually, it really does sound like it.

The bumps are crusty from breaking open; this means there's some kind of contact going on with his clothing or arms that's "itching" open the bumps. The reason it spreads is because of contact with the area because of clothing or his own rubbing/scratching against it. If you want it to stop spreading, make sure he either doesn't wear a shirt as much as possible, or get some softer material shirts. 100% cotton seems to be the worst for me.

I've had eczema ever since I can remember, and I get it random places on my body, usually in the summer and winter months.

Until you get to the doctor, I'd suggest applying a moisturizing lotion to his torso, one meant for dry skin therapy, and keep up with that daily, if not multiple times a day and see if it doesn't clear up or improve.

One other thing I can think of that could explain the rash is a new laundry detergent he may be allergic to.

(It's really pathetic, some of these other responses... I hope you figure out what's wrong though!)
Reply:Yes that might be some form of zoster
Reply:My youngest daughter had the exact same thing when she was that age. It was basically an allergic reaction to the heat. Kind of like a heat rash, the hotter it gets the more the rash breaks out.

You need to get him to the doc now to get something to help alleviate the rash. Usually a cream/lotion.

Trust me I tried every home remedy with my daughter and nothing worked. Once I took her to the doc and got the cream it cleared up in a week and she hasn't had it since!!
Reply:It sounds like pityriasis rosea, which is something I'm dealing with myself right now. There's no known cause, it's not contagious, and it doesn't do any harm (just looks bad and feels weird), but it's supposed to go away after about six weeks--you should really get it checked out.
Reply:if you are concerned about anything to do with your child any doctor worth their salt will be more than happy to take a look even if its nothing
Reply:My nephew had a similar skin condition just after birth. It turned out he was allergic to breast milk and had to be put on a soy formula. He was red and itchy as well, though, so I'm not sure how this would tie in. He may also have an allergy to fabric softener or whichever laundry detergent your using. EIther way, if the baby has a rash that's getting progressively worse, you REALLY need to see your doctor.... BEFORE September.
Reply:What color is your son's rash? Do the pustules ooze anything?

Is his skin completely dry, cool?

I often get heat rash on my torso in very small (pinhead-sized) bumps (supposedly trapped sweat when a person is unable to perspire). My skin often feels cool to the touch when this happens but it is very itchy. If your son is very fussy usually but doesn't express any discomfort, it might not be heat rash.

Does the baby have any known allergies?

You might try changing his bath products and lotions.

Maybe he just needs to be a few degrees cooler.

He may be reacting to a newly-introduced food.
Reply:maybe a form of eczema?take him to a doctor and he might be able to give you something that is safe for him.he is young so it may not be eczema he could be allergic to the clothes he is wearing or in the bed he sleeps in.the doctor can do an allergy test and see what the problem is.hope i was helpful.

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