Friday, November 20, 2009

Little bumps on skin like goosebumps.... exfoliation doesnt work?

Any ideas? They are on my upper arms and hips. They feel like goosebumbs and a bit visible - like goosebumps. Exfoliation doesnt work. Anyone know what they are or how to get rid of them?

Little bumps on skin like goosebumps.... exfoliation doesnt work?
Keratosis pilaris. It is normal. Do some research.

It is a genetic disease and there is no cure.

Lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid can help.

I would recommend using a Buf-Puf type product and exfoliating your skin and then applying some lotion. Try Am-Lactin. You can even buy it at Target near the pharmacy area.
Reply:my brother also has those! the doctor's explanation was that the tiny hairs covering the body is having a hard time going out the pores because the pores are blocked.

she prescribes physiogel or cetaphil cream applied over the areas twice a day for a month or until it disappears and to prevent using pore-clogging products such as heavily scented lotions.

good luck and i hope my answer may be of help.
Reply:Never saw them on the hips, but on the upper arms, some times they are like small pimples, if u squeeze them a white thing will come out ( like fat), if they are that kind, you might want to scrub a little harder with loofa or similar. If not this kind , I don't know about those. Normally happens on younger people . I had them when I was a teenager -up to early twenties. My both kids hv them one is 12 and the other one is 17. The 17 is almost outgrowing. They only have them in the aupper arms, and more during summer.

Hope it helps.
Reply:Rub iodine (get the clear one) on them. It will dry them out and then they will fall off.
Reply:My little brother used to get those a lot in the summer time. I just chalked it up to excessive sweating and not scrubbing hard enough in the shower. In the shower use the palm of your hand and rub the area (no soap just water) the dirt will probably start to rub off (assuming its the same thing my brother had). After you rub away the "little dirty bumpies" try using an exfoliant every day on your helps a lot.

It doesn't sound like anything serious, its just a little dirt/sweat trapped under the skin.

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