Friday, November 20, 2009

Genital warts?

okay, gross iknow, but i noticed these small skin colored bumps inside of my vagina, imnot sure if i've always had them, or if its recent, the only reason i "went looking" down there was becasue sometimes during sex it hurts, or if i touch it in a certian spot, could this be irratation from sex, or genital warts, i've heard that gential warts don't hurt, but im not sure,

im supposed to go to the gyno to get the hpv vaccine, but i guess it may just be too late, any help is appreciated

Genital warts?
It might be gential warts but the only true way to know is that you do a blood test. I have HPV and I dont get Genital Warts not everyone gets Genital Warts. So your best bet is to get tested to make sure and if they are they can be removed. I got HPV about 5yrs ago and I am actually getting the vaccine Gardasil in about a week. I also thought that I couldnt get it since I had already contracted HPV. Everything will be fine and good luck!
Reply:I think they can sometimes remove them in a doctor's office, but I have heard that the virus is in your system and they can come back. I think the vaccine may be too late too, but check with the gynecologist...
Reply:This could be genital warts. They are usually painless, but if they are near the introitus (opening) of your vagina, they may be in a sensitive area. Your OB/GYN may need to take a biopsy. Another possibility is that what you are seeing is a remnant of your hymenal ring. When you have sex for the first time and your hymen breaks, it often leaves behind a ring of tissue...depending on how tight that ring is, it may be uncomfortable.

Reply:Could be HPV, but I can guarantee you that sex wouldn't hurt. Probably just irritation from sex due to somewhat dryness, etc. Or could be because you are sweating down there (yes, it happens) and could be bumps due to that. I've had HPV for 11 years, and I've also had rashes due to sweating after exercise. Rashes will hurt during sex, warts will not.

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