Friday, November 20, 2009

I got little bumps in my face..they are not pimples..but i want to know how to take em out?

also i got scars from pimples litle circles but i want to take em out too.i want my skin to be soft or almost soft....currently iam using selsum blue for my little bumps.but it doesnt there a face was/cream that can help me?

I got little bumps in my face..they are not pimples..but i want to know how to take em out?
Actually those bumps ARE pimples. Most people think that pimples are pusey, but they aren't, these are called "pustules".

"Pimples" are small hardened bumps of sebum(oil). These can be corrected by using a creamy/milky cleanser (not a foaming cleanser), then using a lotion, which is a non alcoholic toner, and then a moisturiser. Follow tihs routine twice a day, morning and night. Twice a week you should use a non abrasive facial exfoliant and then once a week you should use a clay or drying mask.

Follow this and after 1 to 2 weeks you will see results, keeping your skin hydrated like this will also help to reduce the scarring.

*Try the Neutrogena line of products, it is one of the only inexpensive lines which actually works and doesn't dehydrate your skin.

I hope this has helped you, good luck.
Reply:Yeah it is called a blemish, and everyone gets them. Even perfect me. LOL. But clearisil ultra works great, it gets rid of

them in 3 days
Reply:no wonder you have bumps, use a facial cleanser or exfoliator
Reply:ask your doctor about "differen".or ask him/her about some kind of acne wash.or go to the store and buy acne pads. they face is all clear now! it was ugly.

Good Luck!!
Reply:my little sister has those...use moisturizing soap without oils in it..
Reply:You really should go see a good dermatologist who can tell you what is causing those 'little bumps' and can also 'prescribe' the type of medicine you need to control both those bumps and the 'acne scars' you don't like. Your face may need to be 'surgically treated' (not actually 'cut' but treated with a 'medical device') to make your face smoother ... but BE SURE that your dermatoligist is 'one of the BEST' and knows how to 'do' the work you 'need.' It's 'expensive' but it's probably worth it ... you can't just wash or 'cream' your face to get rid of the 'acne scars' and the other 'little bumps' also NEED TO BE SEEN BY A DOCTOR.
Reply:You need to start a skin care regime pronto! It's so hard on people- pimples and blemishes dent our confidence so much!

-Drink TONNES of water!! Rehydration in the skin is as important as detoxifying. Water does both so drink it!!

-Basically, Cleanse, rinse, tone, moisturise, and that's all there is to it:

Neutrogena Clear pore deep cleanse wash is great

Botanics Oil Wash off is also good, or any other cleanser like Clean and Clear blackhead remover.

Toners: any, but light ones with plant extracts work best.

Moisturise with Shine/Oil control moisturiser and you're done!

My favourite brands are Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, and Garnier (for shine control moisturiser). Use gentle toners and exfoliating face washes ^_^

Also, it helps to carry a little packet of fresh cleanser wipes for if you feel your skin getting oily or you're having a hard day ^_^ Alternatively, rinsing regularly with water helps too.

hope this helps hon!
Reply:A professional dermabrasion would help the scars

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