Saturday, April 24, 2010

Skin issues? Please only people who know alot about skin!?

Hey well i have a skin problem. I'm not exactly ugly, but my bad skin detracts from the rest of my face. I have little tiny, coarse bumps around my nose and in between my eyebrows, bumps under the skin pretty much everywhere (they aren't red, don't turn into pimples and aren't blackheads), i have small red pimples on my chin and eyebrows, i have humungous pores and my face is pretty blothchy.

i use a cleanser, toner and oil free moisturiser twice daily. the only face makeup i wear is tinted spot cream. i use an exfoliant twice a week and tea tree oil every night.

please people who know about skin, please advise me what i'm doing wrong, what i should do, how to cover up, inexpensive treatments and a PERMANENT SOLUTION.

thankyou so, so, so much.

Skin issues? Please only people who know alot about skin!?
Try cutting back on the face products you use, its possible that you are over cleansing your face stripping your skin of all the oils. It is a common misconception that removing all the oil from your face will make it better but it actually makes it worse because you skin is going to over produce oil causing more pimples. Also exfoliating for me caused break outs, so you might want to cut but to using it only once a week because it can irritate the skin. Its really all about what is causing your skin to breakout and why it is the way it is. Your best bet would be to make an appointment with a dermatoligist and have them tell you what would work best. There is one product that really works for me and my sisters that I really suggest is Karin Herzog Vita-a-Kombi 2. It works by killing the p. bacteria that causes acne. Only problem is it is sort of expensive ($54 a jar) and you can only get it online although some dermatologist have it. I hope you find an answer for healthier skin :D
Reply:To be honest with you, I have bad acne caused from my Chrones Disease. Ive tried all the cleaners and treatments. You should really go see a dermatologist before you take the advice of people that dont know you. Ive wasted countless dollars on products that were supposed to clear me up, but diddnt. Research before you buy! My best advice!

Number one, Switch to all Hypo-Allergenic washes, and moisterizes,

Number 2,Apricot scrub

Number 3


number 4, Seriously make an appointment with a local dermatoligist,, They can perscribe creams that can do wonders,

Also use COLD water to wash your face, Ease up on the oil, Use a night time moisterizer, And try a mask, Such as banana,,,

This is coming from a skin cancer survivor, hope i helped
Reply:Try using pure and natural products. If you don't want to splurge on pricer products like Arbonne. Switch over to Burts Bee - if things don't improve over about 2-3 weeks see your doctor.

Before you use a hydrating wash try a wash cloth (heat in micro) and apply and repeat.

Wash, toner and a spf day cream. Apply acne cream as you need it.

At night repeat - wash, toner and night cream.

Exfoliate only twice a week on a clean face.

and a mask once a week on a clean face not on the same days.

The wash cloth application should help the black heads and open your pores.

Increase water

watch your diet

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