Saturday, April 24, 2010

Red bumps, and irritated bikini shave?

well, when i shave my "down there" i almost always get red bumps and my skin get super irritated..i am going on vacotion and will be wearing a bikini most of the time...sooo what can i do to get rid of all the bumps and pain after shaving? i don't get this anywhere else just on my downstairs, bcuz my skin is really sensitive!! how can i reduce the razor burn and get rid of the redness and bumps? like what creams could i use or like shave gel or what!?!? thanks for your answers!!

Red bumps, and irritated bikini shave?
change ur razor!
Reply:keep exfoliating the area. what i found helps is waxing, painful but it works so much better as when the hairs have been pulled out and grow back they are softer so therefore cut down on the amount of ingrown hairs.
Reply:i would hold off on shaving 4 awhile bcuz if u do it 2 often then the bumps will begin 2 bleed but the bumps r TOTALLY normal so dont worry but i use bikini zone anti bump shave gel

hope this helps : ]

have fun on vacation


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