Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do you know anything about skin cancer?

I have my own tanning bed at my house. I use to tan way too much sometimes twice a day. But here latly, I have only been tanning about everyother day. My question is that two days ago, I got out of the tanning bed, I noticed a little red bump appearing, I blew it off like it was a pimple or something but it is more like a blister now. My aunt has skin cancer from tanning she said that the doctor told her your body can only hold so much color, then it does like an overflowing cup, and that is when you start to get skin cancer. Does anyone know anything about skin cancers? I tried to google it but there are so meny kinds and all the pictures looked different.

Do you know anything about skin cancer?
I didn't think you could get skin cancer from tanning beds, I thought it was only from direct sunlight.

But I don't tan so I'm definetly not an expert.

Here's a couple of informative artcles I was able to find on the net regarding skin cancer.

I do know that out of all the cancers, skin cancer is the easiset one to treat and survive from.
Reply:pls try yahoo first.. but yes pls get checked out. skin blisyers, moles can all be signs of cancer or something harmless
Reply:go to a doctor asap !!!!!! if it is cancer than the sooner u know the better. and stop tanning so much . u will look 50 when u r 30.
Reply:Hi ! I believe any cancer is no better than any desease. Why take chances ? Go to Florida for your skin tanning if you can afford to stay in sun. Nature always give you what you want but you have to believe it and do it accordingly.

Any unnatual thing you do to your body is absolutely not acceptable by the nature of law.

For your information only:

Anyway there is one medicine for treating a skin cancer and the name is " Thalodomide " made by Celgene Corporation of NJ.

Doing any unnatural things to your body is not the best way to live. Thanks


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