Saturday, April 24, 2010

Itchy skin irritation on my maltese?

i have had my maltese now for a year now.

since we had him he had some small skin problem.

when his fur is shorter he doesn't get it this. i mean i don't notice it but i mean it can be too irrelevant.

he gets these small rash like bump like things on his side and just above his tail. when i am there with my fingers and he likes it as he tries to scratch it so it must be quite itchy for him.

could it be the heat? is his fur getting to long?

he goes to the groomers every 2-3 weeks but it's getting worse and more i find.

what do u all think?


Itchy skin irritation on my maltese?
Sounds like hot spots. This can be caused by lots of things including allergies. Try a good medicated shampoo/conditioner that your Veterinarian reccomends. Also a mild dose of liquid benedryl will help. You will have to use an eyedropper to give it to your malti. I had a poodle with a very similar condition. This is what I did for her. It helped a lot! :)
Reply:Diet allergies.
Reply:you might want to take him and get him tested for allergies. a vet can get you special food if your dog does have allergies.
Reply:go to the health food store and buy a little bag of nutritional yeast and put it on his food. he'll like the taste and for some reason it helps dogs with skin allergies/issues.

he MIGHT be allergic to whatever they're using at the dog groomers. or the grass outside if he rolls around on it.
Reply:Take him to the vet. Not enough detail to tell what it is form this. If it's itchy, possibly he's allergic to something or maybe poison ivy? Does he play outside somewhere where something may harm him? It's probably something in your yard rrather than your house.

But take him to the vet and have him checked out. They will tell you what is wrong and help him get better. You don't want your poor dog to keep suffering, do you?
Reply:Take him to the vet and they can give him so medicine. Hey could you help me a little go to friends and relatrionships and answer my question about we are cvlose and we wnt to make love but Thanks

Reply:More than likely food issues...

Try changing diet with consult from a vet...
Reply:I think you need to take him to the vet. It might be a skin disorder, or it might be a reaction to whatever the groomer is using.
Reply:use a product called skin remedy on it you bath the dog then put skin remedy on for 10 minutes then rinse then dry Mr.cystals will work as well. as dogs get older they no longer produce a chemical that helps there skin thus the reason for the special shampoos most groomers will have these shampoos for sale for use there or between visits
Reply:Awwwwwww! How CUTE!....... I love little dogs. I would take the little baby to the vet or get him some over-the-counter skin cream. If he doesnt get better than go online and buy him some really good ointment. But make sure a medium size bodle of it is a little more than like 30$ or 40$ don't go cheap cause it might not work. I hope he feels better~~~~~~
Reply:He could be allergic to the shampoo they use, or they may not rinse him well enough. Learn to groom your Maltese yourself, as you will avoid high costs and faulty groomers that don't care much for the health of your dog.

It is not very hard.
Reply:if wheat or soy are in his food, go to a pet supply store and get a good quality food. i changed all of my dogs to CANIDAE about 1 yr ago and all itchys and hot spots are GONE. i didn't know about wheat or soy until my shephard developed diabetes and i had to do some research.
Reply:just to ease the discomfort try giving the him abath with avenno its oatmeal and that will give him some comfort other wise i would recomend taking him to the vet and see what allergies he may have it could be something in his diet or somthing on the bedding where he sleeps causeing him to itch
Reply:My yorkie has the same thing. Vet said it was like "puppy acne" so it itches/burns like human acne would. Now I use medicated shampoo (ChlorHex 2x 4% by Vedco) and she gets a nutritional supplement on her food (DermaPet's EicosaDerm). It's not a pill, it's a bottle with a pump on the end, I just put it on her food once a day- she LOVES the taste. Sometimes the acne can get infected, which has happened to us three time now and she is only 1.5 yrs old. If it is really red around the area, it might be infected. Vet give anitbiotics and an antiseptic spray that smells a lot like rubbing alcohol. Probably need to see a vet, because most of what we use can only be bought through a vet.
Reply:It may be the shampoo they are using... plus it dries out their skin to be at the groomers every 2 to 3 weeks... try letting a little time go in between.

Do you brush him a lot? Sometimes they can get brush burn from over grooming.

How long have you been feeding him the food he is on... you say it has been a small problem since you have had him... maybe it is the food. What do you feed him?
Reply:I agree with everyone else that you should change his food, also I hope he is not getting a bath every 2 weeks when you take him to the groomer? If they are bathed too much, the skin will dry out....Maltese have sensitive skin, so you may have to try a few changes until you figure it out
Reply:not enough info it could be anything...but you could be washing him too much %26amp; drying out his skin.

I think your having him groomed to often, pehaps the shampoo the groomer is using is to strong for him, also the cream rinse if they use it, are they rinsing him well, that can be a big problem where dry skin is involved. You can try also adding a little high quality olive oil in his food, I have had excellent results with this. These are just a few things I can suggest you look in to. Good Luck


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