Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is picking pimples bad for your skin?

I have a friend that is always picking pimples, on her face, arms, chest. Even if it not a pimple just a small red bump she is picking it. I tell her that she should stop because it will mess up her skin. but she is compulsive about it. It drives me crazy, cause she does it all the time, even around other friends, in public. How can I give her information about what the effects are when you pick your skin? I just don't want her skin to have scars or long term damage.

Is picking pimples bad for your skin?
Tell her they scar!!!
Reply:on occasion popping pimples is ok..but if she does it all the time for every pimple then it isnt good at all. do you have any idea how much bacteria is on your hands, even if you wash them constantly. it could make the blemish worse or they are going to scar or bruise and sometimes it will make a little hole. now if telling her that she could get a bunch of little holes in her face doesnt make her stop, then i dont know what will.
Reply:tell her that pimples are where the army gets land mines from and if she picks them she might blow up.
Reply:She probably realizes it and doesn't care. I've known people like that.

Picking at it causes a scar which takes a lot longer to heal than a plain pimple going away on it's own.

You could suggest that she use Benzoyl Peroxide. It helps keep the pimples away and heals scarring really fast.
Reply:Picking pimples can leave a scare and it could also cause a very bad infection and sometimes blood poisoning.
Reply:It is bad to pick at pimples or other bumps on the skin,can cause infection and scaring. She may have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and can't stop doing it.
Reply:It is very bad for your skin. It leaves scares
Reply:Most of the time it bad because you spread whatever is inside them around and it get the skin around the pimple rough and bumpy. I would tell her just to use a luffa in the shower, put lotion on and wash her face 2 times a day. I do all that and I have flawless, healthy skin.
Reply:Tell her to stop! She doesn't see the damage now cause she is young, but as you get older pimples popped and picked at leave ugly scars. Trust me I used to get them! Not only does picking pimples cause scars, but touching your face causes more pimples. Pimples are caused by bacteria you know!

She should try Noxzema Triple Clean Lathering Cleanser and the Triple Clean SA Pads. They dry up pimples and prevent new ones from coming! It fades Acne and Acne scars!!!

Tell her to drink lots of water and always wash her hands!!!!
Reply:The more you pick your skin the bacteria you are putting in your skin. Take some video of her doing it and then show her how bad it looks.

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