Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sand grain-like bumps under my penis?

I have had these sandgrain looking white spots on the skin of my penis for a while now and but I have not gone to see a doctor. I have never had sex of any kind so I think it isn't any STD.

Sand grain-like bumps under my penis?
i have them also ... and have had it check out and a std test .. i have had them sence i was about 14 or 15... im 22 .. there not sores or open at all they dont bother me at all or ich or anything like that .. i have had quite a few girlfriends also and didnt seem to mind .. i just talked about it and explained and half of them seen it before on others... even been called pickle *ick by a couple of girls lol.. but for the peace of mind ask a doctor just so know for sure whats going on ...
Reply:is it on the foreskin? on the top? or on the sides?

if its on the sides, its normal.... it's called Dermatexofinadine Hyperoxaine.... it's more visible on people with darker skin pigmentation
Reply:nasir1991 may be right. The way you describe these things though, they sound like they could be warts....which is one thing you can technically get without intercourse. Keep an eye on them. If they get worse, then they are most likely warts. Warts can also go away though, so that's good news. In any case I doubt it's anything serious.
Reply:Do you shave down there? If so that might be what your feeling. My husband has that.
Reply:I have them too. I've heard that they are some kind of sweat gland. They've never caused me problems.
Reply:If its on the lower (like near the pubic hair) sides of the penis. Thats just some hair growing. No its not from masturbateing or anything. It just happens. Dont worry.
Reply:pubic seeds ?

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