Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bump Removed - Why is my skin purple?

I had a small bump removed a year and a half ago on my leg. It wasn't serious, but I kept cutting it while shaving my legs, and it was unsightly. I went to a leading Plastic Surgeon to have the bump removed. The bump itself was a purplish color, and thought to have been caused by a mosquito bite that didn't heal properly. It was like extra scar tissue. Once he removed it, the skin underneath was also purple. He told me because it was on my leg, it would take a very long time to heal. Apparently, the further the "injury" is from the heart, the longer it takes to recover correctly. Also, the bump was located not on a fleshy part of the leg, but more so over the bone. Therefore, less blood/flesh to assist with the healing process. Well, here we are a year and a half later. The scar has always been smooth, but I am waiting for it to be closer to my skin color. I called his office twice, and they welcomed me in. But, they assured me it was nothing to worry about.

Bump Removed - Why is my skin purple?
If your plastic surgeon isn't worried, he's the expert.

Ask him why the skin is still purple - it just might be a residual colouration that you'll have for the rest of your life (other people have it worse)

If you want to cover it up, use makeup.
Reply:I had a few warts removed, and the same thing happened. What you're doc said about it being far fromt he heart and all that is true. It varies from person to person as to how long it will be this way. Seriously, nothing to worry about!

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