Saturday, April 24, 2010

Huge bump beside my nose, either zit or bug bite, it's under the skin and

It could be either a pimple or a bug bite, I think it's a bug bite because it's so big and it hurts, any advice

Huge bump beside my nose, either zit or bug bite, it's under the skin and
Cold water or ice it will help with the swelling. If it turns out to be a pimple it will get a head and then u can pop it and use rubbing alcohol
Reply:i have this ****** little bump under my nose but it doesnt have a head or anything but when i touch it ****** hurts like a pimple or sumthin but its under the skin sum 1 tell me wtf is it!!!!!! Report It

Reply:Put tons of proactive on it. Perhaps a couple gallons. If you suspect it's a bug bite, keep scratching at it so it will get scared and runaway.
Reply:put alcohol on it and do not squeeze it!!!!!
Reply:its a zit. dont pop it..cuz you really cant. put any acne cream with benzoyl peroxide in it on it. it should go down in a few days
Reply:It could be a clogged pore ... but if it doesn't go away after a few acne treatments ... you may want to have you family doctor check on that for you. It could possibly be a form of cancer. Possibly a Mast Cell Tumor. Please, take care of it and don't procrastinate on your health.
Reply:sounds like acne to me. read tips on acne treatments and more on skincare on this site
Reply:it could be any of the above, it has the earmarks (nose marks?) of an ingrown hair due to clogged pore. If you dare take care with tweezers it will be painful,sanitize with rubbing alcohol prior to and after and do wash face often.

this is only a suggestion not intended to be remedy,consult a physician if excessive bleeding occurs,half your face goes numb,current swelling enlarges. eyes bulging out,or growing another nose.

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