Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why are they called goose bumps?

Goose bumps can only occur in mammals, since other animals do not have hair. The term "goose bumps" is therefore misleading: the bumps on the skin of a plucked goose technically do not qualify as piloerection.


Why are they called goose bumps?
if v have BABY OIL .... why not GOOSE BUMPS??????????
Reply:its named after the books ( a series of ghost stories books) : goose bumps...
Reply:Well the goose on Balto said he got people bumps. So why can't we get goose bumps?
Reply:hey don't use the BABy oil........!!!!
Reply:but that's what they LOOK like
Reply:It look's like a goose that has been plucked......
Reply:because they look like the skin of a goose that's been plucked out of feathers...
Reply:Yep, the bumps are where the feathers used to be.
Reply:goosebumps are littlebumps that show you are scared ar cold. the are not dangerous. we call it goosebumps because its an easier way to call it instead of gothupa bumps

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