Thursday, May 7, 2009

How can I avoid Shave Bumps and White Heads after Shaving?

I've seen a couple of great suggestions like exfoliating before you shave and all that stuff. One answer I liked was the Tend Skin product. I saw it in a bikini line question and according to the answer Tend Skin works very well to avoid shave bumps. Does Tend Skin work for the face too, or does it only work "south of the border?"

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated...thanks!

How can I avoid Shave Bumps and White Heads after Shaving?
If you are a black male, you can use:

Magic Shave by Soft Sheen Carson. IT comes in a turquoise bottle. It works like Nair, except it is for your face. It stinks like crazy, but dammit it works. There is also some special lotion called Bump Fighter that comes in a black bottle. All of these should be at your local Wal-Mart.

Also, try using an electric shaver, not the kind with the three discs that rotate, the kind that look like clippers.

If you still prefer the cream/razor combination use Aveeno sensitive skin formula shaving creme and new razors every time you shave (This one works for white males as well).
Reply:Shave down south in the direction the hair is growing. Not against it . I told my girlfriend I had the same problem and it worked. Also i use a new razor and try not to shave pressing hard where you irritate the skin. good luck!
Reply:This is going to sound strange but after I shave, I use Mary Kay Acne Medicine. It is a Benzoyl peroxide mixture and it works great. I just put it on after I shave. On off days, I just put on some cortisone cream to keep the area moisturized.
Reply:You likely need to experiment a bit with different shaving products.


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