Thursday, May 7, 2009

What are the tiny bumps on my 9 month old's cheeks?

My baby seems to have a rash on his cheeks...there are little bumps and his skin is slightly red and blotchy in that area. His skin feels rough in those spots, but you can't really tell if you aren't looking close. What could that be from??

What are the tiny bumps on my 9 month old's cheeks?
Definitely sounds like eczema, but take him to the doctor for a diagnosis. Could also indicate an allergy.
Reply:If it's not from him overheating, it might be eztema. Take him to the clinic and confirm it before you put anything on it though.
Reply:It maybe baby acne or eczema,.. But i would check with the baby's pediatrician to be sure, My daughter used to get that and I used aquqphor( It is something that can be bought at the pharmacy or even your local wal-mart) on her skin,...Hope this helps
Reply:Could be baby acne. If your son is teething and drooling a lot it could be that too. My daughter gets those when she drools a lot when teething. I would take him to the doctors just incase. Good luck.
Reply:if it looks more like a rash then it may be eczema... but if they look like zits wit little white heads... DON'T pop them... they're milia.. also called milk bumps... they're harmless.. my lil girl had them for 2 months but they're gone now. :) Hope this helps.. and good luck.
Reply:I agree with everyone else, it could be baby acne or eczema. My daughter had what the Dr. called eczema and gave me some medicine to put on her face. After about 2 weeks, it was gone and never came back. When it comes to you precious little buddle, when in question ask your doctor, you can never be too careful.

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