Thursday, May 7, 2009

Small little Bumps on my stomach.?

This is all of a sudden but I broke out in little bumps on my skin. It started with 1 now I see about 6 of them. I have acne on my back, and I have already had Chicken Pox, and I haven't been around any poison ivy, oak, etc. I am not running a fever or anything the bumps are just TERRIBLY itchy. Im trying my hardest not to itch them. Anyone know what it could be?

Small little Bumps on my stomach.?
might want to get checked for shingles which can affect anyone who has ever had chicken pox
Reply:i get that on my arms some times. it might be a little allergic reaction to something. just put cortizone cream on it %26amp; it will go away
Reply:sounds like an allergic reaction to me too...take some Benadryl and put some Benadryl or Cortaid on it...
Reply:Have you been wearing metal close to your skin? Sometimes the nickle in a belt buckle or the button on jeans can cause a reaction. It may be a contact dermatitis. Try some benadryl for the itching, but be aware it may cause drowsiness. Try NOT to scratch and open the skin. It could lead to infection. Keep the area clean and dry. If it gets worse, call your doc. Someone is always on call. Good luck.
Reply:might just be bug bites. try a warm bath or some tylonal pm...the pm will just make you sleep which, if theyre super annoying, might be easiest
Reply:You might be starting to develop excema
Reply:You can have chicken pox more than once But you need to seek professional help to make sure it not something else.

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