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Major skin problem and in desperate need of help!?

OKay my face isn't too zitty but I have little zits and bumps under the skin on my forehead and chin. It doesn't look too bad but I hate it and sometimes it hurts. I also ahve tiny black heads all over my nose and inbetween my eyebrows and on my hair line and beside all my zits my skin is dry and when I try to cover it up with make up it looks worse. I've tried every thing. I use St. Ives apricot scrub, clean and clear, clearisil, i have this clean and clear scrub but it only seems to make my skin more dry and look worse. I don't really want to use proactive because you ahve to order it. I really need help. My freshman year is approching and I don't want to have bad skin for my first highschool year. I need to know what to use and how to use it and how many times a day and every thing. Please help me I've been baddaling this bad skin for years and I feel like an ugly loser around all my perfect skinned friends. Thanx a Million!

Major skin problem and in desperate need of help!?
Hey. I know what you mean.... I suffer from medium-severe acne. So,..I'll just tell you my experiences.

I tried almost every over the counter product. Anything from Clean and Clear or Neutrogena works pretty good. But it didn't help much for me. lol.

Proactive BURNED my skin. And when I went out in the sun, it would peel, and turn red. It took 8 months to get my skin back to normal again, and it still looked like ****. haha^^. AND I WORE SPF 50 every day! lol

So.. what I suggest to you, is to go see a dermatologist. It isn't that hard to make an appointment for something that can change your life dramatically. The derm will look at your skin, and find something that will suit YOUR skin type, and YOUR problem areas. I went to the dermatologist, and she gave me 2 pills to take, along with 2 creams. It took about 3 months for my face to be clear, and it got worst in months 1 and 2, but it's worth it. I use....Retin A micro, and clindamycin^^.

In the morning, I make sure I put on a light moisturizer on my face. I've tried EVERYTHING, but.... the only one that really moisturized my skin oil (you can get it at walgreens). Some good ones that might work for you are Aveeno and Olay. Didn't do much for me though.....

For St. Ives, the ones with beads are good for exfoliating. You shouldn't overdo it because it pretty much peels your skin, and makes it raw. =/ It's good if you use it like..once a week. But, use a gentle cleanser. I don't use one because it just irritates my skin too much.

ANYWAYS, it might take a while for you to find something that works for you... Just try products, but don't overdo it. And, keep it simple. Cleanse, and moisturize, and heal. Don't pop pimples,...just makes it worse.

Hope I helped! loool. bye!! %26lt;333
Reply:I had the same problem the summer before I started freshman year, and I decided to go to a dermatologist, who gave me two medicines that worked wonders on my skin. If I were you, I'd ask your parents to go for a consultation as soon as possible, since many medications take a while to start working, so you can start the year with confidence.
Reply:All those products that you were listing such as the apricot scrub, clean and clear, etc. Im sorry baby but that's not to REMOVE acne, it's to prevent it.

You have to cure your blemishes first. Ask your doctor about some medication. My aunt is a pharmacist and she gave me this medicine for my acne, and it worked enormously well, my skin cleared up soo well, and now i just maintain my clear skin with proactive.

Also, proactive doesn't have to be ordered, you can purchase a kit at the mall, and also it's a bigger kit than the one in the commerical.

good luck with your first year of high school!
Reply:Nothing over the counter will probably work. You will have to go to a dermatologist and talk to them. That is your best bet.
Reply:have you thought about what you eat? i used to be allergic to milk, but am over it. i notice when i eat and drink less milk products my face doesn't break out quite so badly. think about the things you eat a lot.

but boy can i relate... well, i too after years of suffering since like 6th grade went to the dermatologist for the first time this year over spring break, and i was a freshman in college. he put me on retin-a micro and it seems

to be working some, but it's still not quite the way i want it. i wish i could answer it better for you, but i'd suggest going to the dermatologist, you may be perscribed something completely different or stronger. it's like there is a sea of options.

i have tried this in the past few weeks, so i can' tell you how they work quite yet accurately, but i bought clean and clear oil absorbing wipes to try to soak up some excess oil to keep my pores from plugging up worse. they work really well to get the oil off, and less oil=skin that can breathe better and less to clog it up. also, try biore blackhead strips for your nose, they are pretty neat, but dont use them more then once every 3 days! (at least it says so on the package)

hope something works for you! i'm still waiting! :)
Reply:Well first off.....alot of this depends on diet believe it or not.

Also, on how often your washing your face. Consistancy is very important. The products that you use too, because some can make your skin worse. You might want to get your doc to recommend you to a dermatologist.

Another thing is the kind of makeup you're wearing. I would say steer clear from it right now, well cover up or foundation for now. But anything that's oil based is no good. That will just clog your pores. Waterbased foundations are the way to go.

My personal cleaning regiment is washing my face with noxema. I've been using it since I was 11 and it's always been great for my skin. I then put toner on, which draws out oils and dirt and tightens pores and then I use a 'water' based moisturizer. And 2 times a week I use a scrub on my face and also steaming the face is helpful.

OH and one more thing.....I find putting toothpast..yes toothpaste on zits really works. I put it on the affected area before I go to bed and in the morning I wash it off.

Hope any of this helps you..Good luck

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